There's The Moon and Then There's You

When: May 28 - Jun 13 (Thurs - Sat); 8pm and 2pm Saturday matinees * Community preview and Ma'artes Festival May 29
Location: Bindlestiff Studio 185 6th St. San Francisco, CA
Tickets: $10 - $20; Click here to purchase tickets...
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The play follows David Nguyen, an aspiring astronaut with an undiagnosed personality disorder. Freshly fired from his job at NASA, he comes home to his long-suffering wife, Mary, who has recently endured a devastating medical emergency. Their already strained relationship is further complicated by Mary’s younger brother, Caleb, who has special needs and requires around the clock care. What appears to be the worst day of their lives turns out to be a stroke of luck for David, who comes across a unique lottery that will give him a chance to travel to the moon. With the odds stacked against him, David tests the bounds of sanity and morality (and his marriage) to win a ticket. Whimsy and drama collide as the deeply-flawed characters come to realize that relationships aren’t rocket science…they are much more complicated.

By Christina Ying
Directed by Lorna Velasco

Featuring: Lynie Abadilla, Marc Abrigo, Melvign Badiola, Joe Cascasan, Chuck Lacson, Jaime Nallas, and Yato Yoshida

Bindlestiff Studio presents
in collaboration with APICC, FADF and KULARTS