Bindlestiff Studio and SF State Theatre Arts present: A Pinoy Midsummer

When: Sep 6 - 8 and Sep 13 - 15 at 8pm; Sep 8 and 15 at 2pm also
Where: Bindlestiff Studio 185 6th St. San Francisco, CA
Tickets: $10 - $20; Click here for ticket information...

Do you believe in fairies? Love at first sight? Pinoy Midsummer is a re-imagining of William Shakespeare’s classic A Midsummer Night’s Dream, merging the classical text with Tagalog, Philippine folklore, shadow puppetry, movement, Original Pinoy and Kulintang music. It begins in a world bounded by class, law and tradition. Characters find their way into the fairy world of the woods where boundaries are rendered invisible, anything becomes possible, and events/choices/actions are unpredictable. The Filipino American cast and live music bring this strange land to life. Find yourself in the classics and then get lost in another world that is wild, fascinating, and freeing.

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Introducing the Pinoy Midsummer Band:
Ogie Gonzales, Omz Velasco, Ava Tong, Jesse Gonzales and Marcius Noceda. Get ready for some Original Pinoy Music and traditional sounds!

Click here to view a trailer and behind the scenes footage.

Bindlestiff Studio and SF State Theatre Arts Present the World Premiere of A Pinoy* Midsummer...where anything is possible.

*Tagalog slang meaning Filipino

a Filipino adaptation of William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream
directed by Lorna Velasco

This is a MA Creative Work Project from the Theatre Arts Department at San Francisco State University

Lorna Velasco brings to Bindlestiff Studio her particular blend of Western theater, shadow puppetry, mask movement and physical theatre-plus a South of Market ‘hood rat do-it-yourself’ attitude. She learned physical theatre with Chrystene Ells and Riot Act Theatre Company. She studied at the Arts Institute of Indonesia in Yogyakarta as part of her theater studies at UC Berkeley. She was a principal shadow puppeteer for Larry Reed’s Shadowlight productions while doing sketch comedy with Tongue in A Mood and Bindlestiff Pinay Collective. She is a Master of Arts candidate in Drama at San Francisco State University. A Pinoy Midsummer is her invitation to you to try something both familiar and new.

Cast & Crew

Adapted and Directed by Lorna Velasco
Musical Director: Ogie Gonzales
Choreographer: Gemma Calderon

Music by Ogie Gonzales, Jesse Gonzales, Marcius Noceda, Ava Tong, Omz Velasco and Mitchell Yangson

Light Design: Paciano Triunfo
Set Design: Aaron Niles
Costume Design: Joyce Juan-Manalo
Stage Manager: Susanna Yu

Cast: Aureen Almario, Melvign Badiola, Manny Cabrera, Gemma Calderon, Joe Cascasan, Melissa Diaz-Infante, Michael Dorado, Melanie Espinueva, Roczane Enriquez, Julie Kuwabara, Chuck Lacson, Ed Mabasa, Aaron Niles, Dennis Rodis, Allan Quismorio, Tonilyn Sideco, and Patrick Silvestre

Filipinos doing Shakespeare? “How shall we find the concord of this discord?” The impetus to do Shakespeare comes from a deep desire to tackle a classical role and make it our own. According to Mia Katigbak, founder of the National Asian American Theatre Company in New York, the reason why she founded her theatre group was because, “we don’t get cast.” So, how shall we find the concord of this discord? We cast ourselves. Give a group of people who otherwise have limited opportunity a chance at re-interpretation in order to give its audience a theatrical experience that will resonate.

The play, for all of us involved in the project, musicians, actors, crew and puppeteers, became an exploration of love, the joyful unwrapping of words and making potent connections to our day to day experiences. We remember our first love, our first lust, the tyranny of parental authority and rebellion, the stark distinction between the rich and the poor.
And for some of us, reaffirming our belief in fairies.

Tabi tabi po* (A Tagalog term, still used today, that means “excuse me, please,” when passing through parts of a forest or wooded area in order not to disturb the spirits.)



Established in 1989, Bindlestiff Studio is the only permanent, community-based performing arts venue in the nation dedicated to showcasing emerging Filipino American and Pilipino artists. Bindlestiff Studio provides the often underserved Filipino American community access to diverse offerings in theatrical productions, music and film festivals, workshops in directing, production, acting, stand-up comedy, and writing, as well as a children and youth theater program.

The launch of the Mainstage program signals a new era that focuses on full-length works that introduce bold Filipino and Filipino American voices to the San Francisco Bay Area theater community.

Photo by Paciano Triunfo